Where do we get all our Tiffany & Co Pieces?
We deal only with Tiffany jewelry because we love it more than any other designer brand out there!! We scour antique shops, estate sales, online & local auction houses, newspaper listings, private sales and any other avenue we can find Tiffany items.  Because we only deal with Tiffany, we have become very good at spotting fakes & sub-par repairs.
How do we authenticate our pieces?
We have bought and sold nearly 20,000 pieces of Tiffany jewelry so we have become experts at identifying fakes.  Yes, we can can even spot a fake from across the room!  We check the font, letter spacing, weight, link dimensions, charm & pendant dimensions and silver content.  Lastly, we examine the overall craftsmanship of the piece.
Do we include Tiffany boxes & pouches in all our listings?
Unfortunately we don't have enough to do that.  The items description will let you know what is included, but we typically do have boxes & pouches available for purchase on our "Gift Packaging" menu item.  If you would like a free box or pouch and don't mind it being in used condition, send us a message along with your order and we will do our best to include one.  Keep in mind that during the holidays we do run short on Tiffany boxes and pouches.
Why are almost all of our Tiffany items in such amazing shape?
Before we list any piece of Tiffany we scrutinize it for authenticity and check it for damage or poorly performed repairs. Fake pieces are destroyed and sold for scrap, and anything in need of repairs goes to our jeweler.  If a piece is only in need of a good polish, we'll soak it, clean it, and then buff out any surface scratches to restore the original, beautiful luster.
Shipping & Returns
Items purchased before 9:00am eastern time Monday thru Friday will be shipped the same day.  Free shipping on all orders in the USA.  Full refunds for all items that are in the original condition.  Return packages must be postmarked within 30 days of receiving the item.