Modified and altered.
The bracelet pictured is for reference only, you are purchasing links here, not a full bracelet.
1.5" (6 links) of Authentic Tiffany & Co Chain Links for the Tiffany bracelet shown in the photos.
6 links measure 1.70" and will increase the wearable length by 1.5" when added to your piece.
Purchasing 2 units, you will receive 12 links which will add 3.0" of wearable length.
Keep in mind that one or both of the end links may be cut.
Links measure approximately 11mm x 10mm and are 2.1mm thick


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If you would like brand new Tiffany packaging to accompany your purchase we do have it for sale here in our store.  If you would like us to include a pre-owned box or pouch at no charge please message us with your purchase, we will do our best to include one.